Kratom: Nonaddictive

Kratom NonaddictiveThere are many different answers to if Kratom is actually addictive. Here is a little food for thought before we go into it; anything can be addicting. Depending on your personality and how you as a person deal with material objects, anything you do can be addicting. Some people who read books can be considered addicts because they have formed a habit of reading on a constant basis. This is why the important thing is to know how to avoid addiction.

True, there are some substances that work differently with your brain to make you crave the product more which can ultimately cause it to be addicting, but Kratom is not that way. Kratom is a tree leaf that just so happens to work with the opiate receptors in your brain like medication. This makes Kratom a great way to relieve pain and provide euphoria. If a person were to use Kratom on a daily basis to help relieve constant pain, there body would soon begin to miss it when it’s gone.

Avoidance tip number one is to take 1 to 2 days a week where you do not touch the Kratom. For people in constant pain, try to pick a day where you don’t have to be as active, or a day that the pain is lower. This way your body can have a break and work naturally to relieve your pain, or provide energy; ultimately helping you to avoid becoming dependent.

Tip number two is to switch up your strain and dosage. One of the major things that can cause addiction is tolerance, so it is very important to help prevent your body from becoming tolerant to Kratom. One way is to take the smallest dose of Kratom you can. There are many potentiators you can us to help you do this; grapefruit, chamomile, etc. A second method is to switch up the strain you are using to be sure your body isn’t becoming dependent on one strain. Try to pick two different strains that fit your body well and switch off between the two.

Virtually anything used in excess can be habit forming and the necessary steps to help prevent this start with moderation, self control and knowing oneself. Kratom does not contain any physical elements that cause addiction.